Our Services

From your local dentist office with one extinguisher to a manufacturing plant with several hundred, no job is too big or small. Have multiple locations? No problem, we can service EVERY location within the D/FW area and provide you a set price per location. From portable extinguishers to fixed kitchen fire suppression systems, let Maverick Fire Extinguishers be your one stop shop.


Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Annual fire extinguisher maintenance and inspections are required by law. Maverick Fire Extinguishers is a partner you can rely on.

Our annual maintenance includes:

  • Checking gauge
  • Replacing dated tamper seal
  • Ensuring pull pin is secured
  • Confirming weight is within manufacturer specification
  • Reading inspection labels to determine testing history
  • Evaluating thread damage
  • Examining hose for cuts, blocking, or wear
  • Ensuring manufacturer label is visible
  • Lubricating and maintaining valve stem

After we inspect and maintain the fire extinguishers, we will attach your new inspection tag. Your new tag will have our company name, phone number, ECR number, name and license number of the inspector, month and year it was inspected, and finally the type of service performed. We do all of this so you can stay in compliance with both the local and state laws and regulations


Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Do you know if your fire extinguisher is low on pressure? Have you discharged your extinguisher even just a little? We specialize in fire extinguisher recharges and make sure your extinguisher is fully pressurized and functional. The smallest use of an extinguisher can compromise the air tight seal causing it to leak and become unusable. Our licensed technicians can completely take apart your extinguisher, service and lubricate all parts, reassemble and recharge your extinguisher to the required specifications.


Fire Extinguisher Testing

Maverick Fire Extinguishers is licensed to provide all types of fire extinguisher testing and service. From Six Year Maintenance to Hydrostatic Testing, we will make certain your extinguishers are up to code.


Fire Extinguisher Sales

Not sure you have the required number of extinguishers for your business? Need to add additional extinguishers in your building? Is your insurance company or Fire Marshal recommending a different type of extinguisher? At Maverick Fire Extinguishers, we offer ALL types and sizes of extinguishers. From travel sizes for boats and forklifts to industrial sizes for heavy commercial equipment, we have it all.


Fire Extinguisher Training

In the event of a fire, are you confident your employees know how to use your portable extinguisher? Do they know the different types of fire they may encounter and which extinguisher to use? Let Maverick Fire Extinguishers help. We are available to provide full service hands-on training as well as useful literature and information to your staff. Nothing prepares your employees better than hands-on training with our licensed professional.


Kitchen Suppression System

Have a commercial kitchen fire suppression system? We can inspect, test, and repair your fixed kitchen system today including replacing fuse links and hydrostatically testing your cylinders. Both annual and semi-annual inspection services are available.

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